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Wood Toy Gifts for Kids & Toddlers

Wood Toy Gifts for Kids & Toddlers

2023-01-28 16:08:26

Looking to get your little one a gift for their next birthday, a holiday or any other special occasion?

Below are some of the best natural Gifts Toys for Kids & Toddlers.Wooden toys make great gifts for kids and can encourage creativity and the use of motor skills.In this gift guide I'm sharing some of our favorite colorful toddler toys made from wood!It helps to develop hand-eye coordination in infants and young children.Grownups looking for wooden toys for toddlers and wood toys for babies may want to consider scouting out educational wooden toys.The unique build makes for a great wooden option for young children.Made from FSC certified wood and painted with non-toxic paints, it takes sustainability to the next step (pun intended) by transitioning into a wooden car for longer use.It is made of pure natural wood and non-toxic water-based paint.If your child is about to complete another circle around the sun, consider going for thoughtful birthday gifts for kids, toddler birthday gifts or baby birthday gifts instead.

There are are so many great gift ideas for toddlers!


1. Handcrafted Wood Dollhouse

Are you looking for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind and interactive toy for your family? Look no further – building a handcrafted wood dollhouse is the perfect hobby to jumpstart your creative side! From finding the perfect wood to choosing custom furniture, here's a list of steps to follow so you can easily craft your own masterpiece:

1. Choose Your Wood

When it comes to woodworking, there are so many options out there. But when it comes to dollhouses, you want to choose something sturdy like solid hardwood such as oak or maple that will give the dollhouse structure and durability.

2. Decide on a Design

Once you’ve decided on a type of wood, it’s time to decide on a design for your wooden dollhouse. You can find inspiration by browsing through books and magazines, searching online or visiting a local craft store for pre-cut pieces of wood. When designing, keep in mind the size of furniture you plan on using and the number of levels that will fit into your allotted space.

3. Preparing the Wood

Before you begin cutting any pieces of wood or assembling them together, sand each piece thoroughly with fine grit sandpaper in order to remove any splinters and get an even surface before staining or painting it later on.

4. Assemble Your Dollhouse

Once all pieces are cut and sanded down properly, start putting them together starting from the bottom up using either adhesive or small nails whiles also keeping in mind what type of entrance wide should be categorized as well as window placements need for sunlight exposure within categories.

5. Paint It Up!

This final step is where creativity starts coming into effect! Choose colors that either complement each other or colors that represent different rooms according to age group appropriateness levels once configured instill imagination concepts related popular storylines recalled fondly remember wholeheartedly relearned over timeto create an outside surface plot scape look once completed along its interior components colorful surroundings found widespread noticeability throughout social media mediasphere too if desired at all times befitting securely applied coating process intended thereafter thereafter thereafter after completing these five steps you now have yourself one beautiful original handmade quality wooden dollhouse ready made straight ahead anytime occasion presents itself make sure quality considered along spot light showcased enjoyed by family friends alike


2. Organic Wooden Pounding Bench

Looking for a fun and creative way to introduce your child to the joys of crafting? A wooden pounding bench is perfect for small hands and can provide hours of creative play. This guide will show you how to make your own organic wooden pounding bench for your little one so that they can explore their creativity and develop their fine motor skills in a safe manner.

1. Gather Your Materials

You’ll need three pieces of wood, screws, non-toxic wood glue, sandpaper, toy figurines and pegs (optional). You’ll also need safety goggles and basic tools such as a saw, drill and screwdriver.

2. Cut Wood To Size

Using the saw, cut each piece of wood into three pieces: two side pieces that measure 5 inches by 8 inches and one top piece that measures 3 inches by 9 inches.

3. Sand Edges And Drill Holes

Sand down all the rough edges on the wood with sandpaper until they are smooth before drilling four holes along the long edge of each side piece where you want to connect them to the top piece. Make sure the holes are 1 inch apart from each other – this will ensure that everything fits correctly when you assemble it later on.

4. Attach The Pieces Together

Using non-toxic wood glue and screws, attach three pieces together into an ‘L’ shape as shown in the accompanying diagram making sure that all screws go through both layers of wood at each joint point for optimum strength – no gaps or misalignments should be present after assembly.

5. Add Pegs And Figurines (Optional)

If desired, you can add some colorful toy figurines onto the top side of your wooden pounding bench before adding some pegs along both sides of it so that they stand out against its natural color while providing an interesting visual cue during playtime! If chosen this step shouldn't take more than 10 minutes extra but adds a lot more character overall!

6. Let Your Child Play!

And lastly – most importantly – let your child have lots of fun creating with their new organic wooden pounding bench!

Busy Board Montessori Toys Sensory Activity Development Board Sensory Toy Learning Board for 1 2 3 4-Year-Old Boy And Girl Gift for kids

The Best Montessori Toys for Babies and Toddlers Best Wooden Push Balance Bike Best Wooden Montessori Toy for Infants,This Wood toy is made using sustainable wood and nontoxic finish.

Toddlers Montessori Wooden Educational Toys for Baby Boys Girls, Wood Preschool Learning Fine Motor Skills Game is important to us.

This rainbow stacker is tons of fun!

Creative and Cute Gifts:Montessori toys with colorful designs are a perfect gift for 1 2 3 year old babies boys and girls birthday

With this imaginative play time, you can foster sensory skills and increase self-esteem!

Activities like kitchen, dollhouse help engage children to use planning, concentration, and communication skills.


3. Wooden Alphabet Blocks Set

Creating an Alphabet Blocks Set is a fun, educational and convenient way for children to learn the alphabet. Alphabet blocks are a classic toy that have remained popular because of their simplicity, ability to help foster literacy skills, and convenience. With so many Alphabet Block Sets available it's not always easy to pick the best one. This how-to guide will provide step by step instructions on how to select a Wooden Alphabet Blocks Set that is age appropriate, sturdy and ideal for your children's learning needs.

1. Determine Your Child’s Age

One of the first considerations when looking for an alphabet block set is making sure the size and complexity of the blocks sets match your child’s age. Younger children should be looking in easy-to-grasp block sets with larger letters such as plastic or wood ABC blocks, wooden nesting blocks with letters on each side or soft cloth fabric block sets – all of these options can work hand-in-hand with an infant’s developing motor skills. Older toddlers may try out bigger more complex block sets made from materials such as wood or magnetic alphabet blocks featuring colorful illustrations on each letter.

2. Consider The Material Used for The Blocks

When selecting a wooden Alphabet Blocks Set think about if you prefer natural wood or one with added coloring enhanced by paint, lacquer or varnish material finishes? Natural wood should never be painted but treated instead with food grade mineral oil in order to provide long lasting durability and make cleaning up easier later on! If you opt for precolored wooden block sets then play close attention to chips throughout the coloring as these may pose a safety hazard and ingesting possibility risk due to small parts being around during playtime activities.

3. Look For Durable Materials And Designs

When selecting any kind of Wooden Alphabet Blocks it’s best practice to look for durable materials like either Russian Birch Plywood (frameworks) along with Honduras Mahogany Hardwood (characters). Additionally take measure whether they come equipped with rubberized feet which helps reduce sliding around while also protecting floors from unnecessary scratches and wear brought on by overuse. Lastly try finding higher quality block set which features at least one pad that doubles up as a storage bag when not in use -this adds convenience when storing them away after play time!

4. Make Sure That The Letters Are Legible

Since children tend to use their visual/handling memory when learning new subjects like letter identification its important that legibility isn't an issue factor which reduces comprehension over time -observe if all letters feature easily recognizable characters and shapes along side helpful images displayed per letter–a good rule of thumb is at least two out both!

5 Make Sure That The Letters Will Grow With Your Kids

Alphabet friendly pieces built from reliable materials are more likely to survive roughhousing antics without losing structural integrity – additionally its convenience factor should differ depending on age level: younger toddlers can start out using basic building blocks featuring basic sizes―as time progresses however so should their skill level – for primary school students intricate puzzles layered onto interlocking pieces offer deeper levels of engaging game play!

Wooden Bead Maze works on fine motor skills and keeps young toddlers occupied.

Sure to keep baby busy, this adorable pull-behind dog is fun for little ones.


4. Animal Crossing Plank Jigsaw Puzzle

Are you a fan of the Animal Crossing series? Have you ever wanted to construct your own Animal Crossing themed jigsaw puzzle using nothing but planks of wood? If so, this step-by-step guide is here to show you how. Here are the steps needed to create your very own Animal Crossing Plank Jigsaw Puzzle:

1. Gather The Materials

To make this puzzle, all you will need are a few wooden planks and a saw. Depending on the size of your desired puzzle, decide how many planks of wood you'll need. A 12 piece puzzle would require 3 planks, 24 pieces would require 6 planks and so on.

2. Cut The Pieces

Start by cutting the planks into thin slices; two for each puzzle piece. Take care when doing so as the thin slices must be cut accurately in order for the pieces to fit together correctly in the end.

3. Sandpaper The Edges

The edges of each slice should be smoothed out with sandpaper, removing any sharp edges that could potentially injure someone assembling or handling the completed jigsaw puzzle later on down the line.

4. Assemble Your Puzzle Pieces

Now it's time to assemble your jigsaw pieces! Start by laying out all of your individual slices in front of you, being sure they're labeled accordingly (i.e.: 1a & 1b). Once each pair has been securely glued together, let dry overnight before moving onto the next step.

5. Arrange & Affix Your Puzzle Pieces

Once all pieces have been created and dried completely, arrange them according to their numbers on a flat surface and secure them with nails or glue (we recommend nails as they're easier to remove if necessary down the line). Lastly add any finishing touches such as images or embellishments and stand back to admire your work!

Additionally, practical baby Christmas gifts, like block, puzzles, are ideal for families who want to keep gift-giving simple.The wooden block puzzle is simple with large, chunky pieces that fit in a cute theme, like animals and objects.Wooden Puzzle Shape Sorter Preschool Learning Toy Sensory Toy Montessori Developmental Sorting Stacking Toy for Toddlers Babies Kids, the shapes that go into the shape sorter are just the right size for little hands.Along with working on fine motor and developing the visual sense, it teaches shape recognition.

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