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Our Arts & Crafts toys for preschool and toddlers are designed to inspire imagination and creativity. This assortment includes pretend play toys that foster creativity and develop fine motor skills for children aged 2 to 6 years old. It also includes workshop set featuring tools and accessories, Kids Clock Date Weather Chart Boards, children's art easels sale to let them display artwork. This series will help your little one's creative juices flow while they have fun! Welcome to get toys crafts for preschool here, wholesale simplex wooden puzzles and wholesale tabletop easels bulk.

When owing them at the same time, children can use their imagination to create a whole world with this great collection of arts and crafts toys. Help your little artists develop their creativity in the comfort of their own home with one of our arts & crafts toys. All these tools and toys will help your toddler develop cognitive skills, motor skills, improve creative thinking and fine-motor coordination. Our Arts & Crafts products are designed uniquely keeping in mind the requirements of children and provide them with endless fun (without being harmful or toxic). 

Double-Sided Tabletop Easel, early Explorer Anywhere Table Top Art Studio, Double-Sided Wooden Kids Easel Whiteboard

$ 7.70 ~ 9.24

The desktop easel is an art easel with a beautiful and durable wooden structure that can be used for painting or writing on paper. It includes an adjustable height adjustment foot for the comfort of any artist. When not in use, the desktop easel folds up for easy storage, and a stationary tray holds your brushes, pencils, and drawing materials. The tray has a removable bottom grid, making it ideal for any drawing or painting project.

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Multifunction 6 In 1 Hanging Early Educational Forest Learning Baby Kids Clock Date Weather Chart Board

$ 3.50 ~ 4.20

With this wooden calendar, you can give your child the gift of relaxation and quiet time. It adds warmth and comfort to your home or nursery with its natural wood finish. Allow your child's imagination to run wild, and allow them to fantasize about delicious meals that are prepared every day. Our wooden calendars are the perfect gift for both boys and girls. It's a lovely addition to a child's room or desk. It's also great for calming your kids down when they need a break from electronics, thanks to its simple, soothing design and colors.

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Master Workbench | Kid's Wooden Tool Bench Toy Pretend Play Creative Building Set | Workshop for Toddlers

$ 19.20 ~ 23.04

This 43 Piece Master Workbench is a kids toolset that any little builder will adore; it allows your children to build structures separately or attach pieces directly to it. It's the ultimate kid's toolbox, resembling a professional workstation and tools. The workbench allows your child to practice the names of the tools, describe how they are used, and describe what he or she intends to build with them.

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