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Learning & Education


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Learning & Education toys are great for toddlers, welcome to wholesale educational toys and games at Hape, we assist in kids' development. The toddler boy educational toys we offer help to boost motor skills and improve problem solving skills, and also can used for toddler girls.

These toys are good for learn and education toy. This type of toys help children to develop their intelligence, creativity, imagination and memory. The Educational toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers is designed especially for learning. Kids can learn a lot with these educational toys. 

The toys are designed with the purpose of helping your child (or perhaps you) to improve one’s skills in cognitive, sensory and social domains. The activities engage their mind while they learn through play.

Wooden Activity Table - Children Multi-Function Game Desktop - Kids Wood Play Table- Hand Eye Coordination Training

$ 16.20 ~ 19.44

A wooden activity table is an excellent addition to any home, providing both imaginative play and a peaceful place to study. This durable wooden table, available in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures, provides plenty of sensory stimulation while teaching colors, shapes, and more. When not in use, the sleek design makes it simple to store the suit. It's time to get such children's activity desk and chair set for your baby.

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Kids Early Educational Children Logic Thinking Montessori Matching Brain Box Card Board detective set Game Wooden Memory Chess

$ 7.78 ~ 8.95

Wooden Chinese chess board is a toy game that helps people improve their memory. It is excellent for children. These works have many aspects, so finding them in as few movements as possible is both interesting and challenging. Memory chess is an excellent game for improving your child's memory. This environmentally friendly and safe toy can help children's development, education, and training.

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Children's Oil Pastel Crayon Kids Artist Wax Crayons Toddler Products 24 Colors Painting Pen set

$ 9.90 ~ 11.39

Because the colors are so vibrant, you can use them alone or mix them together in this 12 piece set of soft crayons for painting, painting, and color layering. These colors blend easily to create beautiful magenta, blue, green, and brown tones - just like real watercolor paintings! Each crayon contains a reshapable wax mixture as well as a large amount of paint that can produce brilliant color effects. They are ideal for budding artists looking to create their own masterpieces! Now get them from a crayola crayon factory for kids

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Interactive Game Triangle box Montessori memory matching Educational Activity Box Toys for kids

$ 10.00 ~ 11.50

The montessori constructive triangle boxes is a fun game toy. The purpose of this fantastic gift item is to stimulate the brain and improve children's logical abilities. It can help them improve their memory and imagination, which will help them learn in the future. The object of the game is to find the correct three-sided shape in the game box. Different combinations of lines, arrows, and symbols aid in the solution of puzzles. The goal is to find the best line through each corner. The difficulty of each level presented to you increases with each completion.

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Wooden Abacus Toy, Rainbow Abacus for Toddlers , Maths Educational Rainbow, Preschool Activities/ Learning Count Numbers

$ 2.98 ~ 3.87

A wooden abacus toy from educational toys manufacturers for children is a gift. A fantastic gift for children learning abacus, math, and counting. This handcrafted wooden educational toy is ideal for your child's cognitive and sensory development. It is an excellent teaching tool for parents and teachers who want to teach their children basic math in an engaging manner. You can make your baby smarter with this clever toy! A cool toy abacus that makes learning enjoyable. Before you can talk, you must first learn to count! This is a fantastic educational toy that promotes early number and math education as well as the development of early counting, logic, and reasoning skills.

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Early STEM Education Montessori Translucent Set board Paddles Assorted Science Filter Fun Activities Color Paddles for Kids

$ 1.30 ~ 1.69

Montessori Wooden Learning Toys For Toddlers are new and exciting way to have fun on the water! These translucent paddles are simple to use for beginners and children, but enjoyable for all ages. Choose one of three paddles to create a relaxing or exciting adventure in your pool or tub. These translucent plastic paddles are an excellent toy for any child who enjoys splashing and playing in the water. The lightweight plastic material allows for easy storage, and the bright colors make these paddle boards appealing to children.

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